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We are a well-known provider of accountancy and auditing services as well as tax advice. Located in Huizen and Almere, we are a group of sixty enthusiastic professionals who really know their stuff. A firm with high aspirations!

Our driven team of professionals is comprised of accountancy consultants, auditors and tax advisers. Together with our assistants and staff, we provide high quality services in the familiar realm of accountancy including salary administration, preparing financial statements and tax returns, statutory audits of financial statements, grant applications, insurance statements, etc. and, of course, tax advice.

We have a flat structure, which makes it very pleasant to work for our firm.

Take for instance Harry Heijnen, our of our account managers. He says our firm has the feel of a village within a large city. In spite of our professional attitude towards clients, we are anything but a bunch of 'stuffy' accountants, as affirms Karin Veldman, advanced assistant auditor at Lentink in Huizen.

One of the high points is our work/life balance which – just like the balancesheets in our financial statements – is always in perfect equilibrium. Just ask Roos Oost, secretary in the Almere practice. Yet Lentink provides room not only for your family but also for yourself: room to develop and get ahead, hand in hand with a true sparring partner. Coaching, but on a complete new level.
Huibert Veerman says this is one of the reasons he decided to work for us rather than a large firm.

We think big. We are keen to let our staff sample each and every facet of our profession with a view to broad-based expertise and optimum client service. This was also the ideal solution for Wouter van Twillert, tax adviser at Lentink: specialist expertise and professionalism all under one roof!

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